Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Life Science (Student Book and Investigations Manual)

With engaging inquiry-based investigations, large, full-color diagrams and illustrations, and real-world connections, students enjoy and retain key biology concepts. This Middle School textbook includes cells, the human body, heredity, evolution, DNA structure and functions, classification, and many other topics, including the vital relationships between our physical environment and our bodies.
Landscape “one-concept” page spreads and full-color graphics enhance learning and retention.

Investigations Manual
Students learn best through direct experience and discovery.
- 40 hands-on investigations (two per chapter) and 9 lab skills activities
- Completely integrated with readings in student text
- Students design and conduct experiments; construct and test conclusions; observe results; and gather, record, and analyze data
- Key questions begin each investigation to focus the student on major concepts